An Intersection of Technology, Innovations & Real Estate—PechaKucha-Style

Thursday, February 21, 2019 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Open Mind, open concept event space, Capital Tower, Level 9 General Session

Join us at lunch time and meet inspiring and talented ULI members outline their ideas in a unique 20×20 format. Every presentation is 20 images with visuals advancing automatically every 20 seconds.






Be evocative: Turning attractions into destinations

A destination is a place that is worth leaving the home for – a call to adventure, a promise of unique experiences, evoking fond memories. In a highly competitive global marketplace, having an effective placemaking and destination branding strategy is the difference between “been there done that” and “let’s go again”. It is about careful planning of what sense a place evokes in people’s minds. Today’s consumers crave a deeper level of immersion and interaction with the people and places they visit. Join Govinda as he shares insights on what it means to create successful destinations, and how they can positively impact the community and wider economy
Govinda Singh, Executive Director, Colliers International, Singapore

Mobile Data Analytics in Real Estate & Planning

Big data, data science, machine learning, AI – these are the buzzwords of the decade and we have certainly seen interesting applications in various industry sectors. As data becomes increasingly rich, commoditized and globalized, we explore how the real estate and planning industry can make use of one such data source – mobile location data – to help us drive better decisions and outcome. Through various examples, we hope to demonstrate the power of big data and start a dialogue on potential use cases. We also take a look at some limitations of the data, and finally discuss the way forward for the industry.
Sang Jin Park, Consultant, Property Economics & Research, Cistri

Data is the New Oil

$3 trillion dollars of potential value is trapped somewhere in Asia Pacific’s commercial real estate industry, and data is the key to unlocking it. It’s been said that data is the new oil, so what lessons can oil companies teach us about extracting value from this valuable resource.
Tyler Staton, Chief Commercial Officer, Talox

UrbanPlan: Building a Training Program to Empower Public Officers and Navigate Industry Dilemmas

Kevin Fan Hsu, Assistant Director, Centre for Liveable Cities